When I was just a young ‘cruit

My sergeant told me “Son

Don’t never play with rifles

Cuz they ain’t made for fun”.

But I shot a gook in Chu Lai

Just to watch him die. 

And now I’m south of Phu Bai

I’m so sad that I could cry.


When I was on the high road

A goin’ to Charlie Two

The rockets started comin’

I didn’t know what to do

Right then I started prayin’

And I closed my eyes

I thought the time was comin’

For me to die.


I know those gooks are comin’

They’re comin’ from the north

Their rockets and their mortars

Attackin’ this O.D. fort

Well I dread to see the tracers

Flyin’ through the sky

When I see those rockets comin’

I just run and hide


Now my song has ended

About this land I roam

This is not a place for me

I’d rather be at home

Cuz my time is getting’ shorter

In this land of sin

I’ve served my time and trials

Against that man called Ho Chi Minh


Written by Unknown Bushwacker 1970